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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I am not a writer because it has called me. I am a writer because I have to be.

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My Story

After an incident that cost me most of my hearing in 2016, my creative side was reactivated. Being a part time actor, I channeled my thoughts into script form to deal with my new reality. At first I just wrote for my self. Later I was encouraged to write for others as well.


Although I am always working on a multitude of projects, I keep coming back to a series I created called One in a Trillion. With it's first release to the public in 2020 it has been amazing to see and hear the feed back I get.

An idea will pop in my head, and I will dwell on it sometimes for weeks before I even type a word. The good ideas stick. Once the story is flushed out in my mind I will wake up in the morning and not be able to return to bed until the muddled visions in my head are registered on a page.

I also enjoy writing for others. Whether it is just an idea they have and want to flush it out or something they have written that they want turned into a script.

LS Book Services has seen the value in my scripts and picked me up as a client after reading some of my work. I am as passionate for others creating their dream as I am on my own spec writing. This not only creates an income but also furthers my talents in the craft of script writing.


No matter how much I know I always find new ways to learn.

Thank you for your time.

Marven Likness

Sample of Award Winning Scripts

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