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Since my hearing loss and Meniere’s disease diagnosis in 2016 I have been on a fabulous journey.

It is my vision to help bridge the gap between those who want to learn sign and those who can communicate through sign language.

To develop a network of people that want to practice or can advocate for sign language.

I am also looking for people who sign that would like to be in film.

I myself cannot teach sign. I do not have the experience needed for that. I also have no formal educational training in sign language.

What I do have is my own experience of loosing my hearing, my passion for learning sign language and sharing sign language with others.

Sometimes that is through film.

August 2018 I got a chance to sign in a music video. I jumped at the chance. It was so exciting being a part of a project that can inspire others to learn sign language. Since then I have done what I could to excite other to learn sign.

If your looking for a way to enhance your film projects with sign language I have people that can help.

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My Story

Most of my life, all I knew was a hearing world. My friends, family co-workers were all hearing. In April 2016 I lost most of my hearing over night. I will never find out exactly what happened because there is limited knowledge about sudden sensinural hearing loss and only speculations of what might have happened. 

I was never directed to any one that could teach me sign or even if that option was available locally.

I had thought about sign language but could only find an online course from If your looking to start learning ASL(American Sign Language) that is an awesome place to start. The courses are great and free.

I was lucky and found a night course through a local chapter of The Hard of Hear Foundation of Canada They have some 10 week introductions to ASL. They were around $10 per night so it is something I could afford and since it was a night course I did not have to take any time off work. The courses are not accredited but I found them to be very helpful.

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